International Trade

We have a team with solid knowledge in logistics and international trade, with wide experience in Preventive Audit of Foreign Trade, which aims objectively evaluate all operations and procedures perform by a company in foreign trade, in order to verify the optimization of resources, as well as to generate early warnings in order opportunely identify the procedural deficiencies of the import and export operations, as well as possible irregularities, in order to be able to quantify the possible infractions and errors that must be resolved, before the possibility that some audit be presented by the competent authorities, and with this avoid the payment of penalizes.

In the Preventive Audit of Foreign Trade, the following main aspects are examined:

•  Evaluation of traffic department, as well as the personnel and each of its processes and systems that performs.

•  Review of the operations against the gloss of the SAT.

•  Necessary documentation that must be included in the import and export dossiers.

•  Review of Import and export petitions.

•  Review of manifestations of Value.

•  Calculation, determination and payment of taxes on foreign trade.

•  Assignment letter.

•  Preventive actions.

•  Corrective actions.

•  Correct compliance with the customs law and trade rules.

•  Programs either IMMEX, ALTEX, ECEX, etc.

Benefits of preventive audits

•  Recovery and/or compensation of taxes due to incorrect application of classification of goods and tariffs.

•  Exact application of the free trade agreements, taking advantage of tariff benefits.

•  Legal security in foreign trade operations.

•  Timely correction of errors made during the customs, accounting procedures and filing of tax declarations.