Repression of unfair competition

At the present time, companies have more awareness that Industrial Property contributes to the better development of companies, and this awareness generates the need to protect new creations and the distinctive signs that allow them to have advantages over competitors, but it is clear that the protection of the so called intangible assets must be carefully analyzed, in such a way that companies receive a full protection, taking into consideration the various legal concepts contemplated in our legislation, in order to provide companies with the tools that allow them have an adequate protection of their rights.

Although, competition is a basic principle in the market economy, this must be done with own resources, but when a competitor begins to conduct conducts contrary to the good uses and customs that should govern in the trade, these behaviors can be repressed in accordance with the procedures that our national legislation contemplates for such cases.

Our team of advisors has wide experience in dealing with litigation related to Intellectual and Industrial Property, as well as to suppress unfair competition, before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, and before Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, or submit complaints before the Specialized Unit in Investigation of Crimes against Copyright and Industrial Property (UEIDDAPI).

The main procedures in which our team has extensive experience and which are related to Intellectual Property, are the following:

Administrative Procedures

•  Cancellation

•  Nullity

•  Infringement (within which can practice inspection visits, precautionary procedures, border procedures)

Judicial Procedures

•  Nullity Trial (appeal) against denials of registration or derivative of Administrative Procedures.

•  Indirect or Direct Appeal

•  Review before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation

•  Compensation for Damages and Prosecutions (civil suits)